Our guardianship attorney can represent you in Tyler and East, TX

Do What's Best for Your Loved One

Whether it's due to the slow loss of mental faculty or an unexpected accident, adults may lose the ability to care for themselves or manage their financial affairs. When this happens, a guardianship attorney can help you obtain guardianship of your loved one. This allows you to make decisions on their behalf regarding important matters like medical care and management of their finances. You may also need a guardianship for a disabled child when they turn 18.

If you're seeking guardianship over a family member in Tyler and East, TX, contact Kenneth E. Raney P.C. today.

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What does a guardianship attorney handle?

A guardianship attorney deals with any matters regarding guardianship. Our attorney focuses on guardianships for incapacitated adults. He assists clients trying to:

  • Contest guardianship
  • Obtain permanent guardianship
  • Establish temporary guardianship

If you're wondering how to get legal guardianship of your loved one, an attorney can help. Our attorney will help you understand the steps to obtaining guardianship and all necessary guardianship requirements. Call us now if you have any questions about how to get legal guardianship of your loved one.