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There are many issues that can crop up during the administration of an estate. Common law marriages and contested heirship are just a few things that complicate this situation. If you need representation for any kind of probate litigation, turn to Kenneth E. Raney P.C. in Tyler, TX. We can help you navigate your legal situation.

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How a probate attorney can help you

Probate litigation is a specific kind of litigation that deals with estates. Many different issues fall under this category, but it commonly includes issues with a will's execution. You may need a probate attorney if you feel:

  • There's a dispute about heirship
  • The executor is withholding information or not distributing assets to the beneficiaries¬†
  • There's an issue with your executor's fees

A probate attorney can also assist with the administration of an estate and probate a will. Whether you're looking for an attorney to administer your estate in the event of your passing, or you need an attorney after a loved one has passed, reach out to us today.